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Photo & Video Production

One picture says a thousand words. This goes to show you how much visuals are important.

Make Killer Visuals

We streamline the production process, delivering superb visual assets and creative content. Breaking down each stage, we guide and manage all aspects of pre-production, production, and post-production to create a branded, visual aesthetic for your brand that truly stands out.


Production Management

We manage your entire video production and photoshoots. We’ll start by doing a creative audit into your branding, existing assets, industry research, and chief competitors to develop a plan that will take your content to the next level and best acheive your desired goals.

Photo & Video Production- Zieel Agency
Photo & Video Production- Zieel Agency

casting & location scouting

We work with you to develop storyboards, moodboards, comprehensive shot lists, and creative avenues that our creators will use to produce your ideal content. After we have our objectives for visual assets, our team determines ideal locations and quality talent to bring this shoot to life.

Robust Shooting Capability

We stay on location during your shoot to make sure it gets the personal attention it deserves. We make use of an array of industry-leading cameras, audio/video equipment, lighting/pnaeling, and other specialized tools to help make your brand aesthetic shine its brightest.
Photo & Video Production- Zieel Agency
Photo & Video Production- Zieel Agency

Digital Editing & Retouching

Once we say “that’s a wrap”, we get to work on editing the visual aspects of your photos/videos. This is where our design team and professional retouchers gets fully involved to put on the finishing touches and finalize desired aspect ratios for your digital marketing.

Dynamic Video Content

Let your content speak for itself. Your audience will be captivated by the visuals we have created custom to your brand that are now yours to advertise.
Photo & Video Production- Zieel Agency
Photo & Video Production- Zieel Agency


Advertising videos is a powerful medium because it allows you to connect with your target audience on an emotional level. Creating an emotional bond is what your customers can resonate to a person. By building likability and trust the chances of winning a new customer are much greater.

Corporate video production

Corporate Brand Videos Are So Powerful. It’s much easier to remember a story than a list of capabilities, features, and benefits. The What, Why & How. Your corporate videos are an incredibly powerful way to engage your audience: they are shareable, engaging and dynamic means of communicating ideas.
Photo & Video Production- Zieel Agency

Personal Branding Video Production

Videos give people a better sense of who you are and reinforce your brand. Video puts a face and voice with a name and helps establish trust. This is why video for personal branding works. It helps people know you.

Product Reviews

We create highly attractive product reviews that build credibility and trust in your products and offering. Good product review videos give that last push to your potential customers to actually pay for your product/offerings.
Photo & Video Production- Zieel Agency
Photo & Video Production- Zieel Agency

High Quality Product Photography

Product photos are designed to help your potential customers visualise what they’re getting. High-resolution photos that showcase a product from multiple angles help buyers visually identify features, while in addition you can use action shots show how the product is used or close up detail shots.

Corporate training Videos

They are invaluable asset to your training process. They are far more effective than text-based training material and offer a significantly cheaper and more uniform instruction method than classroom-based learning.
Photo & Video Production- Zieel Agency

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